ANWG Conference 2013

The 2013 ANWG NW Weavers Conference kicked off its conference awareness campaign with its first newsletter today.  The newsletter went out to 347 individuals who either signed up for the newsletter via our website or via the 2011 conference survey.  We also published the same information on the conference blog.


Several additional webpages have been added to the website, including two webpages especially created to help ANWG reps with conference information.  The new webpages include:
Guild Booths, designed to help with booth planning
Conference Colors, information about the colors and how they relate to yarn colors
Conference Awards, lots of awards for 2013!
ANWG Rep Conference Tools,  check it out and bookmark this webpage!
Press Releases, PDF files of press releases you can give to your newsletter editor or send directly to your members.  Also bookmark this webpage as it will be updated regularly as additional information is available.  The links to the Press Release and Conference Tools pages are located in the footer of each webpage.


To publicize the conference to weavers everywhere we have created a Facebook page and a Twitter page.  We suggest you send these links to your guild members so they too can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  They can also sign up for our newsletter on our website.


The next newsletter will be published around May 23 and will focus on the instructor line-up for 2013.  If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, please do so!  We will be publishing the conference newsletter online monthly, except in July and August.  In the fall the link to the registration booklet will be in the newsletter, appearing at the same time as it appears on the webpage and in the blog.


Conference information will be mainly available online, however, we will be creating press releases to go with the online information so you can share it with your guild members.  If you have guild members who use a dial-up internet connection, please recommend they sign-up for the newsletter which is delivered as an email and can be read off line.


In the future, our conference blog will dig behind the topics found in the newsletter…providing more in-depth information.  To do this, blog updates will appear more frequently than the newsletter.   We are also investigating creating a Pinterest page to feature photos related to the conference and using a few other social media tools.  We will let you know as they are added to our toolbox.


If you have suggestions for the newsletter, blog or website, please email those to


Here is a recap of our important internet links:

Conference website

2013 NW Weavers Conference blog: 
On Facebook:

On Twitter:
On Ravelry:

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