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LWSG meeting:
Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2023
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: ZOOM

Overshot coverlets were an extremely popular form of handweaving in 19th century North America.  The simplicity of the weave, requiring only four shafts, meant that the home weaver could easily produce warm and colourful coverlets.  The weave structure itself lent itself to many variations, and popular patterns were often named for current events (Lee’s Surrender), romantic allusions (Alabama Beauty) or natural forms (Wandering Vine).    
The idea for a group project for the Langley Weavers’ & Spinners” Guild caught fire with the membership.  The weavers  decided to do a Friendship coverlet, with each weaver  producing 15” x 15” squares in their chosen patterns, to be assembled into a traditional coverlet joined by handwoven borders.  We used traditional materials – cotton for the ground warp and weft, and wool for the patterns. 
Eight weavers participated in the project, producing 23 panels, which resulted in two coverlets and two cushions.  The patterns are Small Honeysuckle, Cat Tracks & Snail Trails, Orange Peel, Ancient Rose (with treadling variations), Johann Scheelein’s #123, The Union Draft, Mary Anne Ostrander’s, Maltese Cross, Lucille, Star of Bethlehem, and Jennifer’s Star.