Position Name Email Address
President Ginette <>
Vice-President open <>
Secretary Dian <>
Treasurer Marilyn O. <>
Program Director Kim & Krista <>
Education Directors Ann & Rachel <>
Scholarship Directors Christine <>
Standards & Jury Director Diana <>
Immediate Past-President n/a <>
Library Denise <>
Equipment Lois <>
Membership Marilyn <>
New Member Hospitality Marilyn <>
Newsletter Editor Katrina <>
Newsletter Distributor Margaret
Web Site Mady <>
Archivist/Historian Lois <>
Phone/Email Committee Margaret
General Email Jen <>
Sunshine Carol Ann <>
Artisan Sale Sandra <>
Wool Room Jane and Rose-Ann <>
Cash Desk Lois <>
Clean Up coordinator
Community Relations/Advertising Maureen
ANWG Kim <>

Meeting Place

Sharon United Church Hall
21562 Old Yale Road
(48th and 216th Street)
Langley, British Columbia

Mailing Address

PO Box349,
Milner, British Columbia
V0X 1T0