Spring/Fall 2017 Workshops for LWSG members

Spring 2017 Workshops

Project Photography: Katrina and Eric Stewart have presented one, and will be presenting another 2 hour workshop on basic project photography. Bring a couple of projects, your camera or phone and we’ll show you how to create interesting photographs of your work using basic window light and a few simple props. The second course is already full.

Basketry Workshop: with Joan Carrigan – still in the planning stage. We plan to schedule two one-day workshops . Check out her website http://www.joancarrigan.com/ws_archives.html for possibilities. Dates will depend on her schedule but we are hoping for late May/June.

Fall 2017 Workshops

Eco Indigo: Ann Embra will pass on what she has learned from Michel Garcia at the Maiwa Symposiums about producing indigo dye baths without harsh and noxious chemicals. Tentatively set for Saturday, September 16.

Mystery Fibre

There will be another Mystery fleece, to be distributed at the April meeting. Sign-ups will be available at the March meeting. Cost is $5 for a bag of unwashed, unprepped fibre from a breed we don’t often see here.

General Workshop Info 

Your Education Co-ordinators for this year are Ann Embra and Rachel Smith. Contact us for information on upcoming workshops, and for suggestions of classes and instructors you would like us to book. Beginner Spinners and Weavers: we can put you in touch with people who do individual classes – talk to us.

How to sign up for workshops

Give us a post-dated cheque in the full amount of the workshop, payable to LWSG. Materials costs are usually paid at the workshop directly to the instructor.Fees are non-refundable, unless you arrange for someone to attend in your place or someone attends from the waiting list. You are responsible for your own equipment, unless otherwise noted. An equipment/supplies list will be provided well in advance of each workshop. If you require any Guild equipment for the course, please contact the Equipment person.
And please sign up early. We cancel low registration workshops 4-6 weeks ahead of the date.