On October 27 and 28 we were fortunate to be able to enjoy two days of colour blending on a drum carder workshops with Jill Laski. The first day was “The ABCs of Colour”. We produced a twelve stage colour wheel starting with only three primary colours (“red, blue and yellow”). Our next stage was blending Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary and Split Complementary colours. Finally we blended three different “primaries” and then modified them with tints and tones. We added white, grey, black and a complementary colour. These were all great exercises and took a surprising amount of time. The second day was “Blending for Effect”. On this day we started with a great myriad of colours of prepared fibre all laid out in a large “colour wheel” on the floor. We carried on from the day before with more blending experiments. One of which was blending a representative of all twelve of the colours (primary, secondary and tertiary) into two batts and then spinning the end product. We also worked with “exotic” protein and cellulose fibres such as angora, mohair, hemp, tencel, viscose and silk to name a few.

Everyone had a good time and, hopefully, learned a lot. Jill was a very kind and generous instructor. These are two separate workshops but it was very nice to be able to take both and utilize the information from”The ABCs of Colour” in “Blending for Effect”.

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