Color in a Day

On March 7, 2009 a groups of LWSG members spent an enjoyable blustery cold day studying color theory with Jane Norquay. Jane provided the class members with a binder notes with plenty of room for color samples for the start of our journey into the world of color. As Jan normally teaches this class for quilters we viewed many samples of her work in quilt tops.

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We reviewed color the colors theories of the color wheel noting the differences between the “Dyers Wheel” versus the “Painter’s Wheel”. As we worked through the day we added samples of fiber, yarns, fabric, paint chips, paper and images to our workbook, de-mystifying color combinations. Jane has designed her workbooks so that samples of different color combinations can be added at anytime, and Jane encouraged all participants to continue to build on their workbook/color journals after the class has finished. These journals become sources of ideas and inspirations that can be drawn upon.

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One of the points of observation that stood out for me (Iris) was examining the fabric or colors for the piece, from a distance of ten to fifteen feet. The majority of our work is developed close up and on a smaller scales, but viewed from a distance the colors can be vastly different from the original intention close up.

All in all this was a very enjoyable day where we learnt valuable information about using color theories to our best advantage when designing our work. Thank you, Jane – for a very enjoyable day.   Enjoy.